Welcome to QualitySelect, the Web tool that helps organizations manage a custom screening process to select the most suitable applicants to fill paid staff and volunteer positions. Once your organization becomes a Subscriber to QualitySelect, you will enjoy access to the program’s easy-to-use tools that help you create customized job descriptions, applications, interview and reference check questions and help you track the background checks conducted on all applicants. Once created, these selection and screening tools will reside in the secure QualitySelect database for your future use. It's easy to monitor and manage the selection process, track applicants and determine what screening steps are needed. QualitySelect also helps you make changes to position descriptions as your staff needs change, and helps you determine what screening steps are needed. Simply log back in to review applicants' status, add new positions, revise position descriptions or update your screening tools, all with  expert help from QualitySelect.

QualitySelect takes you away from mountains of paper and 'to do' lists and helps you organize the applicant flow and screening process so you can focus your time and effort on finding the most qualified applicants to fill key positions in your nonprofit. Help at every step of the process is only a mouse click away. Becoming a Subscriber organization is simple! The introductory subscription fee is $249 for a five-year subscription. To take your staff or volunteer screening process to the next level, click “Subscribe” above.

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